Tips for Dealing with the impact of crime
Talking to those close to you
about the crime may help:
It may help us to talk about what happened with other people.
Although it is very often difficult and distressing to talk about the crime, sharing our experience, thoughts and feelings with someone else can be positive. Having someone talking to us and helping us think things through can also help us understand better what happened.
If you don’t have anyone to talk to, help is available at APAV.
Say how you feel:
It may be important to explain to people around you what really happened and how you feel.
Family and friends may have difficulty understanding why we are reacting in a certain way and may worry. It can be positive for everyone to talk about what happened.
It’s a good idea
to get professional help:
If the situation deteriorates to the point that we are unable to deal with it on our own, we should seek professional help.
Talk to your doctor.
You can also contact APAV.
The impact of the crime
will lessen over time:
The vast majority of people recover and get back to living a normal life!

We should try to take the view that most of our reactions will fade away and that most people recover and are able to live a normal life again.